Hello 👋

I studied postindustrial design at Hyperwerk and now doing a master in design research at MAD until 2022. In my master thesis I'm focusing the risks and potentials of voice assistants as assistive technologies for blind people. I’m working as a scientific software programmer in a research project on participatory image archives at the University of Basel and until recently I enjoyed a position as junior researcher at the Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures in a project on electronic waste. I hold quite a few shorter and longer positions as webdeveloper over the last 15 years.

My interests are coding and diy technologies as well as translating theory into other discourses. My subjects of interests cover all kinds of epistemologies, hacking as a creative strategy, posthumanism/new materialism, poetic technologies, queer politics and archival practices. I’m active in these fields of inquiry through curatorial and artistic practices, design research as well as hosting events focusing on knowledge transfer and participation.

github, insta, twitter, orcid

adrian@thgie.ch, +41 76 681 1337